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  A Few



-Focus on the current (projects that is)


-Don’t look for me on social media,

 Never gonna happen


-Mostly blocked, but no “comments”

 No “likes” (but see next rule)


-Love to get emails, including negative,

 constructive criticism  

 *if you liked all of this something is

 wrong with you.


-Open to trades, such as mastering

 your stuff for some help with my 


-No need to point out that I’m not

much of a web designer or that 

people don’t do websites anymore

  A couple of years after Paul Beuchamp and I shut down Radon Studio, I began calling whatever set up I cobbled together, “Mecca”.  I’m pretty sure the first time was in a Portland, OR basement.  (Thanks Travis)  There have been several “long term” (by my standards) incarnations.  The best were probably Xi’an, China, the longest I ever kept my ass in one spot, and Nashville. Now I find myself back in a Portland basement, and the last thing I did before the shut down started up, the “your flight has been cancelled” emails started rolling in, and the tear gas and molotov cocktails started flying around, was to set up this latest version of Mecca.


  There has never been a promotion associated with Mecca, and the bandcamp was never really a public thing, more like a storage spot for passing stuff between my collaborators and I.

The time since has made me want to focus on the present, and I’m not motivated to make an archive of my last 20 years of releases.


  I am finding my fulfillment and contentment in focusing on the present. “Electroshock and Awe” is just a way to present what I’m currently working on and is just about this period from early 2020 until now, 


  This site contains some seriously freaky projects that I hope achieve my mission of “making music that people who make weird music think is weird”. 

  I am way outta the music promotion game.  It makes me feel the wrong kind of dirty. 


  This site is for me, my file sharing buddies, my brave, mask-clad visitors and for fun. I’d love for my friends to check it out, but I really don’t care.  If you are here for a visit, I hope you don’t need a reminder, but just in case, doing this music stuff is supposed to be fun, and never be poisoned by expectations.  Who asked me? Noone.  Why should you listen to me? You shouldn’t. 


  I do not face Mecca.  Mecca faces me. 


Feb 2020

at Mecca

for website launch

-your old pal, Scott Nydegger