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Beat making

Recording (primarily vocals)

 mixing and mastering

Music video production

Design and layout

Physical artwork, including

costumes and props, clothing,

posters, album artwork with unique packaging

Online presentations and promotional materials


  The MECCA project studio has existed in some form,  with brick and mortar locations in Nashville, TN, Portland, Or and Xi’an, China, or in its fully functional, yet portable incarnation, for 21 years.

  With the portable set up I have completed albums in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. (Just missing Antarctica from every continent in the world.)  I have also collaborated with some of the top engineers in countries across the globe.

  At the time of the global pandemic, being trapped in Oregon, I converted the studio to be a full multimedia project space and also began focusing almost exclusively on rap music.  With this set up I am able to complete fully realized versions of an album or track that have an impressive scope.

  This includes recorded works, videos and movies, and interactive media.

  To offer clarity, here is one example with my current set up, for a personal project done entirely at my “CF Hawn” location in Pleasant Grove, Dallas.



For this project and with no outside equipment or input I,


Made all of the beats for the album

Recorded, mixed and mastered the album

Made a 1 hour movie themed on the album including 4 music videos

Designed the album artwork and promotional layout

Did preview and promotional videos

Created merchandise based on the project including album packaging made from movie sets

Made and released remix tracks


 Since arriving in Dallas, I’d had my studio set up for a 7 month period until my recent move.  During that time, I formed a sort of collective with rappers I met in the area.  We formed a sort of label to release this music and

For each of these releases, I did all of the beats, recording/mixing/mastering, and artwork design.

  Mostly, my schedule is filled with projects that my collaborators or I am personally participating in, but I am currently accepting inquiries regarding booking time or discussing potential projects.

  I do not have set rates and all inquiries will be given a quote based upon the nature of the project and take into consideration any possibilities for trades of services.

  Contact me by email, with an outline of the project you are proposing and please include an estimated time frame for completion.


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