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the second release by:


The Android Void invites you to experience "Parts Unknown"

the "Control Your Own Destiny Version" 

To accept, click on his invitation.

The “Parts Unknown-Control Your Own Destiny” version is a game and interactive listening experience.  You will hear tracks from the album, remixes, and other audio pieces, each followed by instructions.  You must navigate 4 “Zones” by clicking on the zone and icon described in the instructions, and corresponding to your choices. 


There is much to listen to, but the goal is to complete the game.

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zune 2.png
zune 4.png

Before accepting invitation, please read terms and conditions below


Terms and conditions:  If you just want to “check it out”, click over and listen to the introduction. Not interested? Cool. Want to try it out?  Be advised it takes about 45 minutes or so to complete, and isn’t any good if you don’t do it all.  Maybe save it for another time when you can focus, Not advised for phones.  Headphones and good speakers advised. 

 This is unconventional sure, but not random, totally linear and logical.  

 Remember, this is a game.  It has rules.  They are simple and you have to follow them.  

 Please do not just go and click a bunch of links and see what they do.  In fact, that would kind of piss me off.  Like if I came over and took your painting off the wall with my grubby hands, and asked, “What’s this?” and spilled PBR on it.

  If you took out “Monopoly”, put the little hat on the dog, threw the money up in the air, and read all the “chance” cards.  It wouldn’t be a game, it wouldn’t be interesting and fun, and you are more sorry, than a guy playing Sorry without all the pieces.

  So it is with this game. If you don’t want to try it properly, you can just listen to the album, or don’t.  You could return to your life, never having to waste your precious time on my insane creation.


To accept these terms and conditions, click on my ass.