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    The MECCA audio production of Shaanxi Opera X is now available as an accompanying work for the French publisher Patayo’s presentation of the comic Qin Opera.  Two Chinese artists tell a tale from a small village in western China.    

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Qin Qiang and Me

  The quest to find listenable music in China is not an easy one. Despite an easily romanticized view of this ancient place and its rich cultural traditions, one is much more likely to encounter wretched pop music from Taiwan or Korea, watered down versions of western bands or endure countless hours of suffering in a karaoke bar.
Though the realm of traditional music offers much respite, I often find my dick in my hand rather than a microphone when stumbling upon it, but a form that has profound value to me personally is Qin Qiang or "the sound of Qin".
Although the variety of opera found in China is as diverse and the linguistic variations (sorry know-it-all Americans, if you think you sound smart to not call the language Chinese, I hate to tell you, nobody knows wtf is Mandarin or Cantonese here) usually distinct to each province. The specific form found here in Shaanxi is marked by a brutal visceral force that I see as coming from the same place in the heart and the gut as punk rock or even metal. True to these similarities to other branches on the musical tree, a d.i.y. spirit and culture exists around this musical anomaly.
In this vast urban sprawl and densely populated city...  more


released November 28, 2013

Qin Qiang remix and field recordings
2012/2013 Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
MECCA / Scott Nydegger

1. Shaanxi Opera X
Live at 易俗社 Yi Su She National Theater
Live sound by Cratan
Mobile recording and remix by MECCA

2. Xian Opera whY
Field recordings from Wan Cheng Gate Opera Street
And Changle Park (Old City Zoo)
Mobile recording and collage by MECCA