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A HUMAN ZOO IS THE FINAL ENTRY IN TH E SERIES THAT BEGAN WITH A BRIDGE TOO FAR. Thanks to anyone who made part of the journey, especially my beloved actors.


THE end

An Equal, But Opposite Reaction
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BOXHEAD has made a formal PROCLAMATION OF BITCHDOM via dis-rap. ABDULLAH answers with:


“An Equal, but Opposite Reaction”



For the few that knew it, it was the house where everybody died.


After the deaths of G’Odd, Boxhead, and The Battalion Chief, The Meth Man had begun to think he was alone in the 2105, changed his name to the M Man, and resumed his other passion, after music, and sexual deviancy, and of course drugs...teaching English grammar.

  That was until one day when he collapsed during a class, with a burning that felt as if one eye had been ripped from its socket.  When he finally recovered from the shock enough to see from the other, he noticed two things: the blue shirt worn by G’Odd before joining the Fire Brigade and Abdullah before him, who had had the same experience.

  It was the living Abdullah, not the dead, who haunted this house.

 He was seldom away from the control room.  One track could be heard continuously most nights as Abdullah slowly manipulated it.

  Within this context, The M Man was shocked to learn Abdullah had agreed to an interview with a journalist and had even invited them to bring a cameraman to the 2105.

  This would be the first public words issued from the Butcher since the death of his band, since he had issued a statement threatening the departed Fire Brigade members, and of course, the posthumously (?) issued response from Boxhead.

  For a band with 3 dead members, and two more supposedly the figment of one of the trios deranged minds, The Fire Brigade seem to have a major beef brewing within.

  One Fire that perhaps even our brave Axemen could not put out.

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If you are not familiar with the Boxhead vs Abdullah beef, you should start by learning about it here:

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The Press Release
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Epilogue 2 (The fAZe ONE epilogue)
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    Conflict at the 2105!  G’Odd appears to issue a panicked cancelation of the movie release.  The M Man counters with his plans for a novelized form of the story.  However, it is Abdullah who insists the movie will release, and seems to threaten the rest of the band.

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Faze one comes to a conclusion with our Axemen separated by circumstance, distance and the unknown. An EYE to the future.

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